Kunst auf Zeit

Kunst auf Zeit 1986 – 2006


The poster-project “Kunst auf Zeit” took place every year in the months July and August unter the guidance of Gruppe 77 and in cooperation with the Cultural Office of the city of Graz and the company Ankünder.
Artists of the Gruppe 77, guests from Austria and abroad as well as students of the Master School Ortweinplatz participated in this poster-project.

In continuation of the project “Kunst auf Zeit” the project was renamed to “Junge Säulen” in 2003.

Junge Säulen – powered by Gruppe 77

Young colleagues are invited to design the advertising columns in the area. Members of the Gruppe 77 took over the financial aspect. By doing so the Gruppe 77 tried to state a clear sign concerning the accountability within the art scene in Graz.

Schlusspunkt (Punch Line). Kunst auf Zeit

Advertising columns Erzherzog-Johann-Allee, Graz, 2006

Gruppe 77 carried out the project “Kunst auf Zeit” for over 20 years in collaboration with the city of Graz and the company Ankünder. During this period of time more than 215 artists from Austria and abroad designed over 200 billboards and advertising columns. A “Schlusspunkt” (punch line) should be placed by the coincidence of former artists and other interested parties of this project.

2006 Schlusspunkt – download PDF