Mission Statement

With the establishment of the Gruppe 77 in 1977 a journey of renewal within the styrian art scene started. The group of artists, which make up the Gruppe 77, appear in public with their group projects every now and then. The individual personalities of each artist contribute to something larger, something bringing up entirety, something that is created and carried out by joint effort. Every member of the group recognize their work as an aesthetic and critical dispute with prevailing social developments.

Gruppe 77 focus on beneficiation and quality.

Gruppe 77 actively searches approaches young artists and maintains their international network.

The artistic discourse of Gruppe 77 is based on open-mindedness and a critical self-concept in an international context.

It is the vision of the Gruppe 77 to work beyond mainstream and withstand the laws of the prevalent art scene, in order to strengthen the virtue of freedom when it comes to artistic creation and design.