2011 Change of Light

Lichtwechsel – Change of Light – Ljusväxling
A travel-art-project from Graz to Turku via Vilnius, riga, Tallinn and Helsinki


Change of Light is a contribution to the large-scale “Darkness” project being carried out during Turku’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2011. The “Change of Light” was developed and carried out by four artists from Styria, Austria: Luise Kloos, Erika Lojen, Aurelia Meinhart and Ingeborg Pock. Change of Light is an art project that points out both distance and connection between cultural spaces. The idea of the project was developed along paths – paths from Graz and Vienna via Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki to Turku and back; paths into the past to forgotten family stories connected with the north; present-day paths to people who use art to describe their view of the world; and, not least, a joint journey to completely different light conditions. At every stage of the journey to Turku, three or four days were planned to meet local people and get to know their everyday lives, to observe, to learn, to initiate artistic collaborations, to build and consolidate networks, to document the experiences gained, and to use them for further artistic work.

Participating Artists:
Luise Kloos
Erika Lojen
Aurelia Meinhart
Ingeborg Pock

A kind of “travel-art-book” was published according to this project at the Bibliothek der Provinz. This book is structured with pictures of the journey through the particular cities and texts written by authors.

These authors are:
Graz – Andreas Unterweger
Vilnius – Cornelius Hell
Riga – Karlis Verdins
Tallinn – Jaan Kaplinski
Helsinki – Aleksi J. Lausti
Turku – Markku Into
The art historian Astrid Kury wrote a detailed introduction to the subject “Light” and introduces the art work.
„Begegnungen“ von Luise Kloos
„Es ist das Licht das ich suche“ von Erika Lojen
„Reaching Suomi“ von Aurelia Meinhart
„Erden“ von Ingeborg Pock

Art blog – www.lichtwechsel.at

Additional Material: