2009 Welcome

An artistic intervention for (more) human rights, 2009


During recent years, welcome message boards above motorways and similar slogans in travel brochures have become a familiar sight: Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenudo … or in whatever other language they care to herald various greetings and welcome us travellers with open arms. However, for quite a lot of people that invitation will be somewhat limited. Amongst all those who are classifi ed as migrants, only wealthy tourists, i.e. people who stay within a limited period of time and do not stray from the regular paths of modern nomadism, are likely to receive a warm welcome and will be “rewarded” with a right to stay in that particular country. In reality, a welcome wish in the jargon of state politics actually means goodbye. Unwanted visitors are asked (or ordered) to leave!

The Gruppe 77 decided to refl ect the subliminal ambiguity of this basically infl ationary salutation by creating a satirical image installation for the “reception” of the exhibition area as part of their artistic work.

Participating Artists:
Luise Kloos
Inge Pock
Claus N. Reschen
Erika Lojen
Heribert Michl
Alois Neuhold
Hans Kuhness
Erwin Lackner
Aurelia Meinhart

Catalogue – Download PDF