2004 Künstlerhaus 3

“Disappearance“, 2004
Young Pillars – powered by Gruppe 77


For the 3rd time Gruppe 77 focus their artistic activities on the Künstlerhaus (artists‘ house).
In the project Künstlerhaus I (1989) the floor plan of the Künstlerhaus was rotated by 90 degrees, thus reaching into the adjacent park. Künstlerhaus II (1990) united 550 Styrian artists, presenting them in a ticker on special displays in the Künstlerhaus.

Künstlerhaus III (2004) “Disappearance“ takes this concept a stage further and virtually dissolves the Künstlerhaus.
Cameras, mounted on the outside of the building, record the area around the Künstlerhaus. At the same time, the recorded images are projected onto its interior walls. This way, the limits, constituted by the walls and the interior space, are eliminated and opened up to all sides. This conveys the impression of an open house.
The limitation and definition of what the Künstlerhaus really is are blurred. The barriers of a fenced art space disappear, the walls are removed. This extension of space creates new space. The exterior is moved inside. The images “of outside“ make the interior space more dynamic and vitalize it. Our conventional idea of art and our mode of perception are irritated.
The virtual integration of a vitalized busy outside world into a conventional art space makes anything ordinary and banal seem sacral.

This opening up, this extension towards new spaces, this elimination of confining borders are major aspects, not only for artistic creation. They also determine personal and political aspects and constitute a stimulus for continuous renewal and a broadening of life.

This project also clearly shows that we live in an increasingly controlled world. Starting from the inside everything around the building becomes visible. The people outisde, however, do not realise that they are being watched from the inside.
The cameras mounted outside record the real life around the Künstlerhaus. Therefore Gruppe 77 provides everyone with the opportunity to express their artistic ideas. These ideas are projected simultaneously into the art space.

Young Pillars – powered by Gruppe 77

While the art space is extended virtally in the Künstlerhaus III project, this extension is really put into effect for the “Young Pillars“ project.
Ten young artists were invited to design the advertising pillars in the city park of Graz. These artists are funded by members of Gruppe 77. Thus, Gruppe 77 also clearly express their criticism against the politicians responsible for art in

Participating Artists:
Erika Lojen
Alois Neuhold
Erwin Lackner
Luise Kloos
Inge Pock
Aurelia Meinhart
Hans Kuhness
Heribert Michl
Hans Jandl
Edith Temmel
Dietmar Kiffmann
Werner Schimpl
Siegfried Amtmann