2002 Blue Period

The blue period… as it began to end
Exhibition, Gallery of the Catholic Student’s Union, Leechgasse, 2002


Censorship or a rate to lie idle – at least this is a free decision, as well as the question if art has anything to do with politics, clearly this can be answered with yes and no.

Participating Artists:
Aurelia Meinhart
Siegfried Amtmann
Inge Pock
Erwin Lackner
Werner Schimpl
Fria Elfen
Hans Jandl
Alois Neuhold
Wolfgang Rahs
Gerhard Lojen
Erika Lojen
Edith Temmel
Dietmar Kiffmann
Peter Janach (Die blaue Periode)
Kurt Stadler (als es anfing aufzuhören)

Magazine of the Gallery of the Catholic Students’ Union.