2002 Blabla


BLABLA is an inflatable ART SPACE , free to meet any special purpose. It is  floating , breathing, changeable, transformable, light and shining from inside in an intensive blue.

BLABLA enables a variety of associations, trains of thoughts and projections. It also  symbolizes the essential free space of art, essential also for being an artist and for life as such.

BLABLA marks he representation of free space that artists have in mind as being  part of their work and of the creative act in general .

Blue light, considered to be a “dark light” as such, offers an enormous variety of appearances within the extreme positions of light and dark. It refers to the eternal mystery of light and life. Forming an amorphous FREE SPACE BLABLA can be seen within the range of breathing body and seemingly immaterial translucence. Because of its oscillating skin its physical appearance leads to the impression of being inaccessible, its outlines almost dissolved.

As a truly FREE SPACE it is not installed permanently in one exhibition sight. It can be transported and thus becomes a highly flexible ART SPACE.

Installed in various carefully chosen locations it creates a new and special relationship between its temporary positions and the ideal of a SPACE for ART.

“ART SPACE for ART BUBBLES (i.e. BLABLA ) in our lives and for the ARTS!” (Alois Neuhold)

Participating Artists:
Alois Neuhold
Wolfgang Rahs
Kurt Stadler
Werner Schimpl
Aurelia Meinhart

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