1996 Aquadrat

A temporary installation from Gruppe 77, in the middle of the pond Rosenhain in Graz in occassion of the “Steirischer Herbst” in 1994 to the theme “Experience and Innocence”.


„Even the flow has to be proportioned.“ (F.E. Walther)

This object consists of a square measuring 6 by 6 metres, whose sides are made of galvanized metal tubes (diameter 76 mm). The tubes are equipped with jets, which set the inner space into a light wave motion through pumped-in water. Floats keep the square frame at the surface of the water. Light anchors fix it in about the middle of the pond. The water effecting the movement is drained from the pond by an electrically powered, submerged pump equipped with a strainer. The pumping noise will almost be inaudible at the surface. It is no coincidence that the installation will be put at a place of peace and quiet, beyond the dwelling areas of the town.
The described artistic intervention makes it possible to unify two polar states of being, which, according to human experience, are incompatible: the square space of water in motion in the midst of the smooth surface of the pond. The line dividing both spaces is visible on the surface and as such clearly distinguishable.

To bring the object to function, the inner space and the surrounding pond stipulate each other, as the intake of water needed for the movement stems from the common potential of this element of life.

Thus a metaphor is created of what seems to be existing side by side and the real togetherness in our continent; a continent where the rigid bureaucratic barriers have increasingly dissolved in the last decade of our millennium, without erasing regional and cultural identities and characteristics in this process.
This image is meant to make the unprejudiced spectator thoughtful by its unusual character, that is by rendering an unusual neighbourhood visible and thus call on his readiness to tolerance in his own thinking and acting.
The strength of this object lies in its unspectacular tranquillity, emphasizing its profound inner truth.
The natural biomorphic shape of the pond is contrasted to the square, a geometrical symbol, which “tells of man’s orientation in space, his putting his life in line with the cardinal directions”, and of man’s will to “find his way in a world that seems chaotic by creating directions and coordinates.”

Water, which according to “many myths of the creation of the wold is the source of life that mounts from it”, contains the ambivalences of fertilization and drowning, of death and rebirth and thus also of experience and innocence.

The quotations are taken from Hans Biedermann’s Lexikon der Symbole.

Text by Gerhard Lojen

Participating Artists:
Fria Elfen
Hans Jandl
Peter Janach
Doris Jauk-Hinz
Claudia Klučarić
Hans Kuhness
Erwin Lackner
Erika Lojen
Gerhard Lojen
Stefan Maitz
Wolfgang Rahs