1993 Movimento

An installation in Graz by Gruppe 77, on the occassion of the Congress of the Academy Graz
15. – 19. Mai 1993, Karl Franzens Universität Graz, Auditorium A

Chapter 1:
Awareness of progress is a product of technology. turning clockwise or being faster (than others) has resulted in a monumental misconception: the belief that we have progressed as humankind.
This revolving disc diverts us from our envisaged goal. It removes us; because the world underneath changes. Because it evolves as we evolve.
Some could be overcome by the idea of trying to exceed the speed of the disc, to overtake the declared intention of its creators in the right hand lane. Others, in turn, could resist the planned motion and demonstratively walk by on the left.
The most difficult task will be to create such a degree of opposition as to arrive in an upright manner where you wanted to go in order not to stay behind your own goal in the end, but temporarily still yield to progress in an amused and serene fashion.

Chapter 2:
After the Central-European revolution of 1989, the world believed to have conquered Mephistopheles. On the media-clouds, the triumphal music of the idols sounded from the trumpets of the fashion angels. Faustian capitalism; such power of true poetry!
Hearts beat faster, less from courage-driven joy, than from stress due to business risks. The clocks even went faster for our neighbours, because the digital age of western freedom seemed to have spread over the East.
Now we also notice here: we have different clockworks, new material, above all intriguing packaging. Time itself has not changed, the figures have remained the same. The lunar shadows cast themselves upon this earth as ever before.
Mephistopheles changed his clothes and traded his passport.

Chapter 3:

Some good advice to you: better not step on this disc at all. Better treat this world springly. Because then you save yourself from irritation. You avoid any kind of effort, you circumvent an uncertain future.
But most of all: stay where you are. In front, beneath, above or beside this disc. Even one human being too many could already mean disaster. A person like you could be the drop to make the river overflow. Should you, in spite of having been warned repeatedly and intensely, enter this world and digress from your orderly path of life in the end, you cannot be helped.
Therefore prepare yourself from the beginning to end up as a refugee (because you will not find your home anymore), as a dissident (because for the onlooker you departed from the straight path), or as a fool (because you visibly run against the invisible).

Text by Gerfried Sperl