1979 Silence


Gruppe 77 decided to take out this project due to the fact that the element of “Silence” is a necessary part of information when it comes to non-verbal signs – especially within the field of “Art and Public”. They don’t only refer to meditation as a necessary component of art reception, but they consider “Silence” as being one singled out attribute in our overloaded verbal communication- and information-process. This overload of verbal communication and information is most common within any kind of media, which was the reason for the Gruppe 77 to emphasis within this area.

Participating Artists:
Hans Bischoffshausen
Wil Frenken
Fria Elfen
Wolfgang Rahs
Gerhard Lojen
Erika Lojen
Dietmar Kiffmann
Edith Temmel
Bert Nichols

Newspaper advertisement
ORF Club 2 discussion with Hans Bischoffshausen