2007 Hommage à Gerhard Lojen (1935 – 2005)

Gallery of the Minorites Graz, 2006/2007

First of all: Thank you!

The thought of a homage for Gerhard Lojen emerged very soon within the Gruppe 77: Gerhard Lojen is not only one of the most significant and ground-breaking artists of Austia after 1945, he hast also no only been part of our group with his utmost engagement from the very beginning onward, but one of its founders and a sustainable creative force. His knowledge, his consequent artistic achievements, his considerate, humorous, humane manner as well as everything else will remain unforgettable. The interviews within this publication document how formative and diverse the acting and presence of Gerhard Lojen has been within the Gruppe 77. The art historian Dr. Kerstin Barnik-Braun carried out these interviews in cooperation with the participating artists.

Gerhard Lojen

Born 1935 in Graz.
Technical University of Graz, Architectural Studies 1962,
Drawing and painting with Kurt Weber.
Member of the secession Graz (1958 – 1977), Co-founder
of Gruppe 77, Graz (1977).
1987 – 2000 Director of the Master School for Arts at the Ortweinschule in Graz.
From 1956 onward numerous participations in exhibitions, from 1966 onward individual exhibitions in Austria and abroad.
Artworks in public and private property in Austria and abroad
Public work (e.g. Spatial score at the University for Music and performing arts as well as the Kepler monument in Graz)
Appreciation award from Styria for fine arts, 1999
Died in 2005 in Graz

Participating artists:
Erika Lojen
Peter Hauser
Lis Gort
Hans Jandl
Werner Schimpl
Siegfried Amtmann
Dietmar Kiffmann
Pascal Raich und Andrea Knecht
Stefan Maitz
Wolfgang Rahs
Edith Temmel
Fria Elfen
Ingeborg Pock
Aurelia Meinhart
Luise Kloos
Klaus Reisinger
Alois Neuhold
Hans Kuhness
Richard Hirschbäck
Claudia Klučarić
Heribert Michl
Kurt Stadler
Erwin Lackner