1993 Four 77s in Tallinn, Estland

Four 77s in Tallinn, Estonia


Wolfgang RAHS, Hans JANDL, Kurt STADLER and Alois NEUHOLD accepted an invitation to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in order to continue their project “Kunst der Gegenwart”, which started in 1991. They displayed pieces of art from their work called “Leichtes Gepäck”. Place where this was taken out: Kiek en de Köck, an old city tower. It seems that the exhibition was misunderstood as loads of negative but impertinent critics could be read. The invitation to Tallinn was part 2 of an exhibition-exchange with the Gruppe 77 and artists from Estonia. 4 artists from Estonia had their pieces of art exhibited in the Künstlerhaus and the Joanneum Ecksaal in 1992, after being invited by the Gruppe 77.

Participating Artists:
Wolfgang Rahs
Hans Jandl
Kurt Stadler
Alois Neuhold
Taso Mhar
Jaan Pärn
Aavo Ermel
Tõnu Noorits