1984 impatient paper

Exhibition project, Secession Vienna, 1984


The art clubs are dead – long live the art clubs!
„…an action of larger dimension sparked topics of conversation within the art life of Graz in 1977: under the guidance of Gottfried Fabian an artistic group, named „Gruppe 77“, left the secession which was artistically copious even in post war years. Pronounced in public a discontentedness with the constantly declining quality of the coalition was the cause for this move to happen.

Participating Artists:
Erika Lojen
Vevean Oviette
Fria Elfen
Gerhard Lojen
Johann Fruhmann
Klaus Reisinger
Richard Hirschbäck
Helmuth Nager
Hans Giegerl
Stefan Maitz
Edith Temmel
Wolfgang Rahs
Joachim Baur
Gottfried Fabian
Erwin Lackner
Doris Jauk-Hinz
Hans Kuhness
Dietmar Kiffmann